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Accepted scientific name of each plant Frequency that plant appears in medicinal sources
Prunus armeniaca L. 49

These plants were selected because your search term "Prunus armeniaca"...

Medicinal source Year published Frequency of search term in medicinal sources
Tradit. Persian Med. Pl. Database (Rahimi et al., 2018) 2018 1

Non-scientific names Records referring to name
zardālou 1

Scientific names as used in medicinal source Records referring to name
Armenica vulgaris 1

Scientific name Taxonomic status Accepted name

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Accepted Name: (1)
  • Prunus armeniaca L. (1)
Name Category: (1)
  • Non-scientific names (1)
Name: (1)
  • zardālou (1)
Medicinal Source: (1)
  • Tradit. Persian Med. Pl. Database (Rahimi et al., 2018) (1)
MPNS Accepted name Scientific name used in medicinal source All names Medicinal sources
Prunus armeniaca L. Armenica vulgaris Zardālou


Tradit. Persian Med. Pl. Database (Rahimi et al., 2018)
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