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Non-scientific name:


1 Accepted name(s) for "sankhalu":

1 Medicinal source(s) include this non-scientific name:

Medicinal sources: Scientific names as used in medicinal source: MPNS matched scientific names: Accepted name: Trade forms: Plant parts:
Indian Med. Pl. Database (TDU, 2020) Pachyrrhizus angulatus DC. Pachyrhizus angulatus Rich. ex DC. Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urb.
Indian Med. Pl. Database (TDU, 2020) Dolichos bulbosus L. Dolichos bulbosus L. Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urb.

1 Non-scientific name(s) associated with "sankhalu":

Non-scientific names: Class of name: Medicinal sources:
chana Other Indian Med. Pl. Database (TDU, 2020)