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Non-scientific name:

rose mary

2 Accepted name(s) for "rose mary":

1 Medicinal source(s) include this non-scientific name:

Medicinal sources: Scientific names as used in medicinal source: MPNS matched scientific names: Accepted name: Trade forms: Plant parts:
Jamaican Root Tonics (Mitchell, 2011) Rosmarinus officinalis L. Rosmarinus officinalis L. Salvia rosmarinus Spenn. stem and leaves
Jamaican Root Tonics (Mitchell, 2011) Croton linearis Jacq. Croton linearis Jacq. Croton linearis Jacq. stem and leaves

1 Non-scientific name(s) associated with "rose mary":

Non-scientific names: Class of name: Medicinal sources:
rosemary Other Jamaican Root Tonics (Mitchell, 2011)