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Non-scientific name:


2 Accepted name(s) for "papasan":

2 Medicinal source(s) include this non-scientific name:

Medicinal sources: Scientific names as used in medicinal source: MPNS matched scientific names: Accepted name: Trade forms: Plant parts:
Polyglot Asian Med.: Malay Subset (Stanley-Baker, 2022) Mallotus philippinensis Muell.-Arg. Mallotus philippensis (Lam.) Müll.Arg. Mallotus philippensis (Lam.) Müll.Arg. Dyeing material from fruits fruits, leaves, bark, seeds
Handbook African Med. Pl. (Iwu, 1993) Portulaca oleracea Linn. Portulaca oleracea L. Portulaca oleracea L. leaf, seed

23 Non-scientific name(s) associated with "papasan":