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Non-scientific name:


3 Medicinal source(s) include this non-scientific name:

Medicinal sources: Scientific names as used in medicinal source: MPNS matched scientific names: Accepted name: Trade forms: Plant parts:
Plants and People of Nepal (Manandhar, 2002) Isodon coetsa (Buchanan-Hamilton ex D. Don) Isodon coetsa (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) Kudô Isodon coetsa (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) Kudô
MAPs in Makawanpur District, Central Nepal (Bhattarai et al., 2017) Rabdosia lophanthoides (Buch.- Ham. ex D. Don) Hara. Rabdosia lophanthoides (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) H.Hara Isodon lophanthoides (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) H.Hara Leaf
EMA Com. Monog.: Commiphora molmol, gum. (2010) Commiphora molmol Engle Commiphora molmol (Engl.) Engl. ex Tschirch Commiphora myrrha (T.Nees) Engl. gummi-resina