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Non-scientific name:


2 Accepted name(s) for "chalveray":

2 Medicinal source(s) include this non-scientific name:

Medicinal sources: Scientific names as used in medicinal source: MPNS matched scientific names: Accepted name: Trade forms: Plant parts:
Med. Pl. in Mountainous Chail Valley, Pakistan (Ahmad et al., 2014) Amaranthus spinosus L. Amaranthus spinosus L. Amaranthus spinosus L. Leaves and young shoots
Pl. for Snake and Scorpion Bite in N. Pakistan (Butt et al., 2015) Amaranthus viridis Pollich ex Moq. Prodr. Amaranthus viridis L. Amaranthus viridis L. Whole plant

There are no other non-scientific names for "chalveray" in the MPNS resource.